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This LJ is...You Know the Drill

No, I am not a silent ninja who lurks in the dark and furtively watches communities and people do their thang. I'm much too hyper for that. This will be my only public post. I'm a private person. [What am I saying. It must be the beer.] Anyway, this LiveJournal is friends-locked. Which does not translate to "who u, u no add, me no know you" but means "Creepy pedos and cougars, stay away." Feel free to add me, I'm really friendly!

Taking up Master's in Germany

Hey all!

So I've been thinking ahead and I'm wondering whether I should go get my Masteral Degree in Germany. My parents are telling me that after I graduate uni I should go get a master's degree right away.

For background, I'm currently taking a business administration course for my bachelor's. I think it would make sense to study in Germany since a) I love German (taking up language courses starting next semester), b) Bundesliga!!!, and c) it seems to be a very business-minded country which would go well with my bachelor's course.

However, I've been searching around and I've seen mixed reviews about the MBA's in Germany. Some found facilities lacking, the education was not good, etc. while others found it to be of the same quality as UK, US, Australian education while being much cheaper. Also, I've read some posts online that've said racism is still quite evident in the Eastern portion. That is definitely worrying as I look very Asian lol.

Anyway, people may have very different experiences based on when and where they went. So I posted here seeing as there are some Germans here on LJ and I'd love to hear from you guys. Should I take my master's in Germany?

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